Buyer Representation

Buyers want and need aggressive knowledgeable agents. A good agent will offer local knowledge coupled with a good understanding of the buying process. Determining which type of contract to present to a seller is an important consideration. Some contracts favor the seller, some are neutral and some favor the buyer. Home inspections can reveal information that may raise concerns and provide buyers with an opportunity to renegotiate. Appraisals favor the buyer as they are often a lagging indicator of true value. Escrow is both an important element of the offer but can be used against the buyer because once escrow is established, to release those funds, both buyer and seller must agree and sign a release. Even though a buyer may have contractual rights to claim escrow to refunded, some sellers become resentful that the transaction didn’t go through and may refuse to sign an escrow release. Therefore, use the appropriate amount of escrow just in case an escrow dispute arises. Buyers need this information in real time because in real estate, the best homes go fast and the best agents find their way to make the right home happen for their buyers…That what PIQ agents do!